What is the application process?
From the time of USCIS receiving your application to the time where you become a US Citizen, right now the process may
take between
12 months and 15 months.

*** 1. You come to my classes and I will guide you through the process of completing the N-400.  Or you may complete
your own
USCIS Form N-400.   If you decide not to come to class, please read the N-400 instructions (pdf format) by
clicking here. You may also, file a Form G-1145 to receive e-mails and other electronic up-dates directly from USCIS
regarding the progress of the processing of your N-400 application.  
To complete the form G-1145 (pdf format),
click here.

*** 2. Once your N-400 is complete and you have the required $725.  I will send your completed N-400 to the USCIS via
certified mail with a return receipt.
The 2 passport photos are no longer required at the time of submission. However,
USCIS will take your photo during your biometrics appointment.
I like to send as many applications together as possible.  
That way it is easier to track the progress of their status.  So if you complete your own form and wish to have me send it
with my students' forms, that is perfectly fine with me.  Start studying your 100 questions.

*** 3. Now that your N-400 is in the USCIS' hands, you will receive a receipt from USCIS, roughly, within 30 days of my
sending your application to them. If you don't receive a receipt then contact me via email (
dgengoux@uusd.net )or call:
(707)463-5217 and leave a message for me.  
Make sure to give me a phone number which works and your
name.  If I don't know who you are and how to contact you, you will not get a call from me.

*** 4. The next letter from USCIS will be your Biometrics (fingerprints) appointment, in Santa Rosa. USCIS will take your
photo during that appointment.
 Make sure that you get a receipt.  Do not miss it! If you do, contact me as soon as

*** 5. Roughly 9 months (more or less) after your biometrics appointment you will receive another letter from USCIS.  
This time you will have to go to San Francisco for your interview.
Do not miss your interview!  If you do, contact me as
soon as possible. To see what an interview may look like, in English or with Spanish subtitles
click here. Remember this
video shows one version and your interview may be different.
****NEW INFORMATION****: The written part of your interview may be done on an iPad with a stylus of your
finger.  If your receipt number starts with IEO then you will have to use the iPad.  You will also sign your
application on the iPad.  If your receipt number starts with NBC then you will have a papere and pencil to
take the written test. You might have to sign your application on an iPad too.  If you are taking the test in
your native language you will not need to write and read but you will use an iPad to sign  your application.  
Here is what that process may look like.  To see a youtube video about the use of the tablet (iPad)
click here.
Now, that you went to your interview you have a gray envelope.  Inside, you will find a letter (form M-652) with the name of
the officer who interviewed you) confirming that you, either, passed or failed  the interview and a US Passport Application
(form DS-11).   
DO NOT COMPLETE THE PASSPORT APPLICATION YET!  Once you receive your Oath Ceremony
invitation/notification, set up an appointment with me and then I can help you with your passport application.
 That is why USCIS gave you this application.  You will complete that application and if
you want me to I'll take your photos ($5).  Then you will add a check for $110.  All this will go back in the gray envelope
which you will take with you to your Oath Ceremony.  If you fail your interview, contact me, and I can help you study.  You
have two chances.  If you fail the first time then you have one more chance to pass in a couple of months.  USCIS will
schedule your next interview.
To find out more about passport fees, click here.

*** 6. Sometimes at your interview, you will get an invitation to your Oath Ceremony.  Sometimes you'll have to go home
and wait for a couple of weeks or a month before you'll receive the last letter from USCIS. This is your invitation to the
Oath Ceremony at the Paramount Theater in Oakland .  Make sure to fill out the back of that letter.  
Do not lose that
It is your pass to get in the Oath Ceremony and become a US Citizen.  At the ceremony you will give back your
Legal Permanent Resident card to USCIS.  You will receive your Certificate of Citizenship (check it and sign it!)  Then,
you have two options.
1.Due to the current Government Shutdown, this option is not available at this time, Sorry! You put your signed
citizenship certificate inside the gray envelope with your passport application, your check for $110, and your passport
photos. Seal the envelope, and give it to Passport Agency officials.  In four weeks, or so, you will receive your passport
and your Certificate of Citizenship. You will go home without your Green Card or your Certificate of Citizenship, you will
just have your drivers' license.
2. You go home with your certificate and you call me.  Then, we'll meet and I'll make 5 copies of your certificate. You'll
need to go to Social Security to change your status and after that you'll submit your passport application with your
original certificate during your previously scheduled appointment at your local post office (Go to Other Frequently asked
questions page in this website to find your post office phone number.

WARNING!  Do not fall for those outdoor card vendors, their cards are not official and therefore prove nothing except
that you fell for their trap and paid $20 for a 10 cent plastic card with your name on it.

If you can't attend your Oath Ceremony then you need to contact me as soon as possible that way someone else may
have a chance to take your place.


Now, you should register to vote. You can do so at the Registrar of Voters office located at 501 Low Gap Rd
in Ukiah ((707) 463-4371).  Or you can register to vote online,
click here. Registration deadline is two weeks
before the actual election date.  

Also, you need to change your social security status. The Social Security office is located at 521 Orchard  
Avenue in Ukiah and is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm ((707) 462-0225). Wait about 10 days
after your ceremony to change your social security status.

If you have children who were born in your native country and they are under the age of 18.  They have a Legal
Permanent Resident card.  You should see me.  
Remember that a US passport is proof of US citizenship!

The child must:
1. Have a parent (father/mother) who is a US citizen (so, for example, if you, the parent, became a US citizen recently)
2. Be under the age of 18
3. Have a valid Legal Permanent Resident Card
4. Have a valid birth certificate (if the birth certificate is from a non-English speaking country, it will need to be translated
into English)
If your child meets the above stated requirements then you should apply for a US passport for your child.  
For more information go to
Frequently asked questions and warnings.  

Once your child has a US passport, you will need to go to the Social Security office to change your child's
social security status.

If your child has a Legal Permanent Resident card and is over the age of 18, then he or she will have to meet the
requirements to apply for citizenship.  

If the mother is a US citizen and gives birth to a child in a foreign country, that child may become a US citizen if the mother
applies for her child to be a US citizen.  It is not automatic!  

If the father is a US citizen and his non US citizen partner gives birth in a foreign country, the father will have to apply for
his child to become a US citizen and that process can be bit more complicated.  
It is not automatic!
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