Other frequently asked questions and warnings
*** What should I do if I move? Call: 1-800-375-5283 or you can  change your address through the
USCIS online address change or contact me by e-mail (dgengoux@uusd.net)
*** What should I do if I've lost my Citizenship Certificate? If you already have a US Passport, do nothing because your US
passport is proof of Citizenship.
*** What should I do if I've lost my Citizenship Certificate and I don't have a US passport? Contact me and I'll have you
USCIS Form N-565.  This form costs $555 (This fee may go up this year!) and may take up to a year to be processed.
Please, get a US passport!
*** What should I do if I'm a man 18 to 25 years old and I'm not registered with the Selective Service?
Register online right now or contact me!   
--- WARNING! According to the Selective Service, TXT messages have been sent that say that there is a draft.  
                                                  ***** THERE IS NO MILITARY DRAFT! *****
To check if you are registered with the Selective Service, click here.
*** What should I do if I'm on parole or probation and I want to become a US Citizen? You will need to wait 5 years from the
date of the end of your parole or probation before you can apply to become a US citizen.  Those 5 years must be without legal
incidents.  Good moral character is the key!
*** What should I do if I want to renew my Green Card?  You can contact me or fill the CIS Form I-90.
*** What should I do if my US passport is about to expire or is expired? You will need to fill out form DS-82 (pdf format) or in
computer fillable version (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader)
click here and you will need to send your old passport, a check for
$110, and two recent photos with the completed DS-82 to the Department of State.  To find out more click here.  About 3 to 4
weeks later you will receive your new passport and your old one too. This form is to renew a passport via mail!
To find out more click
*** What should I do if I want to travel outside of the United States of America?  Get a US passport. For all things passport
click here.  You don't need to apply for a Passport Card.  The card is only for US Citizens who commute to and from Mexico or
Canada by car everyday.
You will need to complete form DS-11 (pdf format) or in a computer fillable version (you will need Adobe
Acrobat Reader)
click here.This form is mostly for those of you who have never had a passport before. You cannot send it in. You
will need
$145 ($110(application fee) + $35 (execution fee)= 2 checks one for the Department of State ($110)+ one for the agency
where you submit you application (for example: Post Office, County Clerk's Office (
$35)), and your certificate of citizenship (the
original, not a photo copy!
) or a birth certificate which shows that you are a US citizen by birth.  Some Post Offices will take your photo
for $15. A passport photo needs to be 2 inches by 2 inches.
*^*^ To schedule an appointment to submit your DS-11 Passport Application at your local Post Office, click here.
*^*^ Passport application processing  time is around  10 to 12 weeks.  To find out about fees and more click here
*^*^ You can, also, apply through the post office website.  To do so,  click here.
*** To find out if the country you want to visit is safe: Go to the US Department of State's Website for travelers.  
The Department of State also covers the various travel requirements (health and so forth) generated by countries around the world.
*** What should I do if I have other CIS related questions, like how can I get a green card? Legal Services of Northern
California in Ukiah, 421 N. Oak St., (707) 462-1471; Catholic Charities in Santa Rosa, 987 Airway Court, (707) 528-8712 both may be
of assistance to you.  
Who is the teacher of these FREE citizenship classes?  My name is Dave Gengoux.  I started to teach at the Ukiah Adult School
in 1999.  I first started to teach English as a Second Language (
ESL) and on September 10, 2001, I started to teach Citizenship.  
Today, I teach
GED/Diploma and Citizenship. Since 2001, I have attended quarterly meetings with the USCIS and other Community
Based Organizations.  This way I stay current on new CIS policies and procedure changes.
I'm not a lawyer nor am I a "Notario" or a taxi driver, I'm a teacher. To find out more about English as a Second Language classes,
click here.
--- Advice: Once you are a citizen, go to the Social Security office (521 Orchard Av. Ukiah (707) 462-0225, open 9-4pm Monday
-Friday) to change you social security status.  This is very important, especially if your social security card has "NOT VALID FOR
EMPLOYMENT" written on it!  Also, if you have children who had a green card and you, as a new US citizen, had them apply for a US
passport, they will need to have their social security status changed, too! If you have further question come and see me of
e-mail me.

--- WARNING! Marijuana (cannabis) is not legal throughout the United States!  Using it or working in a company that
processes it or sells it (Dispensary, etc) is
NOT RECOMMENDED for any Immigration benefit applicant.!  For more
click here.  
- To read the Immigrant Legal Resource Center's California warning flyer (pdf format), click here.
- To read the Immigrant Legal Resource Center's National warning flyer (pdf format). click here.
- Para leer el aviso del Immigrant Legal Resource Center para California (pdf format), click here.
- Para leer el aviso del Immigrant Legal Resource Center al nivel nacional (pdf format), click here.

--- WARNING! There is NO guest Worker's Program!

--- WARNING! Anyone traveling by air, sea, or land to the United States of America needs a passport in order to come into the United
States of America.  Green Cards and/or Drivers licenses will not be enough!  You will need a passport from your native country or from
the US (if you are a US Citizen). You will need a WHTI compliant document.  What's a WHTI document?
Click here.

--- WARNING! Any person who fills out any form or official paper/application for you needs to sign the document and  give all the
information requested by the document in question.  If someone fills out a document for you and doesn't sign it, you are liable for the
potential errors made by the preparer.  
In other words, if your preparer doesn't sign the document in question, and a serious
mistake was made by the preparer then you are at fault and liable for that mistake.
 This applies to the N-400 and all CIS
forms as well as your Taxes and many other government documents.  Make sure that the preparer signs everything!  Also, ask for a
signed copy of your document.

--- WARNING! The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) DOES NOT call to ask for payments of any
kind.  DO NOT PAY anyone over the phone who may be calling him/herself a USCIS officer!  It's a scam! Let me know if
you've been the target of such a scam.

--- WARNING! The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) DOES NOT call to collect money either!  DO NOT PAY the caller! It's a
*** Can I have two or more Passports/Can I be a Citizen of two countries (or more)?  Yes, but you must check with your
native country's policies on that subject.  Not all countries allow dual citizenship!
Here is the official United States'
policy on dual nationality.  
To find out if your native country allows for multiple citizenship,
click here.
To see the Spring 2020 citizenship class session schedule click here.
*** How do I get to my CIS interview?  As of 04/20/2020, face masks are mandatory on all public
transportation in Sonoma and Marin County as well as on Golden Gate ferries and Golden Gate

By SMART (Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit) and the Ferry (the new way)
To learn more about SMART, click here.
- Take 101 South and get off 101 at Sonoma Airport Boulevard.
- Turn left, just before the railroad tracks, on Sonoma Airport Boulevard. There is a gravel parking lot
there just by the side of the railroad.
(Tip: As of 02/03/2018, the Parkmobile set up is being looked at and some
issues have been found regarding Parkmobile's parking lot 2528 (this information may not be official even though a

employee told me when I asked him why I had to tell Parkmobile which parking slot number I occupied while I was
parked at home).Since then things may have changed but I'm not sure so use caution and try to follow the parking rules.  
When I tried it didn't work that why I asked the
SMART employee.
- Once you are at the train station, buy a Clipper Card (The card cost $3 and you can add monetary
value to it or you can buy a pre-loaded card for $60 which should be more than necessary) at the
machine (Cash or credit cards accepted).
Clipper Cards are accepted on the Ferry (as well as many
other public transit entities) and will save you a bit of money by cutting the Ferry's fare down to $7.50 per
You cannot buy a ticket on the train.  You will need to buy one Clipper Card per person traveling
with you.  In other words one
Clipper Card cannot be used by two people at the same time and on the
same trip.
---To learn more about
Clipper Cards, click here,
--- You can order a Clipper Card online. It takes ten days to receive it in the mail.  Then you will need to
add monetary value to your card.     
--- To learn how to buy a
Clipper Card at the SMART train Station's machine, click here.  
* Beware *: A Clipper Card is valid through out the Clipper Card network however a Clipper Card
is only to be used with the agency that issued said Clipper Card Pass. That said, you can, however
add monetary value to your
Clipper Card Pass in order to use other Clipper Card accepting public
transit entities.  In the video regarding the instructions on buying a
Clipper Card (mentioned immediately
above) there is an option of buying a $200, 30 day
Clipper Card Pass. The $200 Clipper Card Pass is
valid for 30 days but is not valid for all of the agencies included in the
Clipper Card network!  For
SMART offers a $200, 30 Day Clipper Card Pass and it is only valid with SMART, not the ferry,
not the bus, etc... Therefore, when you take the Ferry with a 30 day
SMART Clipper Card Pass, make
sure to add the monetary value of at least $7.50 twice (for a round trip to San Francisco = $15) on your
30 day
SMART Clipper Card Pass before you get on the Ferry. After 30 days, your Clipper Card Pass
expires and your
Clipper Card Pass becomes a regular Clipper Card.  At that point you will need to add
monetary value to you
Clipper Card to take SMART of any other Clipper Card accepting mode of public
--- You can, also, get a
SMART eTicket for your IOS phone or your Android phone through the Apple
App Store  or the Google App Store.  To find out more about the SMART eTicket, click here.
--- "Tag On" (place your Clipper Card on the Clipper Card Tagging machine)  Make sure to "Tag off" at
the end of your train ride otherwise the card keep being charged as if you never left the train.
- Get on the SMART train and enjoy the 1hour and 19 minutes ride to Larkspur. The ride costs $11.50
one way ($23 round trip). (
Tip: there are only 5 round trips on Weekends!)
NEW! SMART makes it to Larkspur!  "Tag off" when you get off the train!
Beware. The train station is a little ways from the ferry terminal.
- "Tag on" when you enter the Ferry Terminal.  Get on the Ferry and enjoy the 45 minute ride to the San
Francisco Ferry Terminal and Historical
Ferry Building.  You don't need to "Tag off" once you leave the
On your way back:
- "Tag on" when you get on the Ferry to Larkspur.
NEW! Walk back up the hill to the SMART train station.
- Catch the SMART train home and "Tag on" before you get on the train and "Tag off" when you've
reached your destination.
- Keep your Clipper Card and register it once you get home!  
To register your
Clipper Card, click here.   
- You can always add monetary value to it for future SMART trips.
- To see the SMART Train Schedules, click here.
Sometime in the future, SMART will go from Cloverdale to Larkspur!
(up-dated: 01/13/2020)


By Ferry (the easy way!)
- Take 101 South to Sir Francis Drake Boulevard/Larkspur.
- Turn left under the freeway
- To park your vehicle at the Larspur Ferry terminal, You will need to pay $2. You cannot pay at the
parking lot (there are no parking attendants) so pay before you arrive or use your smart phone to pay.  
To read instructions on how to do this
click here.  Or call 877-727-5718. You will need a major credit
card or a Paypal account, an e-mail address, your vehicle's license plate number and the parking lot
location number is 111. You can buy a monthly parking permit for $20 or just pay for that day ($2).  
- Check the Ferry Schedule and Fares. Take the ferry to San Francisco (if you have a Clipper Card it
costs $16 round trip or if you buy tickets it costs about $25 round trip per adult. It takes about 45 minutes
to get there). There are no ticket booths just ticket vending machines. Fares changed on July 1, 2019.
- Once at the Ferry Building head North West about two city blocks then West about three blocks.  You'll
see Washington Street first (East West axis) the Sansome Street (North South axis).
You will need to
enter the USCIS building through Sansome Street doors!


By car (the hard way!)
- Take 101 South, go over the Golden Gate bridge, (WARNING: you no longer pay the toll at the toll
plaza, you will, instead, receive in the mail a bill for $8;35 if you don't have
FasTrack. You will pay $7:35 if
you have
FasTrack. For more information about FasTrack, click here .
Stay on Van Ness (101= Van Ness boulevard).  It is illegal to turn left on Van Ness so you will need to
turn right on Jackson, then left on Gough then left on Clay to cross Van Ness.  
- Go down Clay Street, just past Sansome Street. On the driver's side (your left) you'll find the Golden
Gateway Garage.  For the Golden Gateway Garage parking rates,
click here.  For more parking
click here.


In any case,
you will need:
- your letter of invitation to your interview
- your driver's license (or some form of official ID)
- your Green Card.  
- you need to be early (about 30 minutes) because you'll have to go through security to get into the
building.  Cell phones with cameras are now allowed in the building.
- you need to dress appropriately, you may have to take off your shoes, belt, and so forth (it is as
thorough as going on a plane!)
Once in the building and through security go to the second floor and make sure that you sign in.  
Then relax!
If this is too confusing for you, come and see me,
e-mail me, or call me.  I can give you a map or to see
the map
click here.
***  How do I get to my Oath Ceremony?  
Oath Ceremonies usually take place in Oakland.

You will need your letter of invitation to your Oath Ceremony, your Green Card, your large gray envelope (with your completed
passport application, your passport sized photo and your money order for $135 in it).  

Dress appropriately.

Oath Ceremonies, from now on and until further notice from USCIS, are taking place in Oakland's Paramount Theatre.
To find out more about this historical landmark  click here.

Sadly, there is only one way to go to Oakland from Ukiah and that is by car.
For directions to the Oakland Paramount Theater, click here.
To go home you will need $5 to cross the Richmond Bridge (unless you have FasTrack)
Don't forget:
- your invitation letter,
- your green card,
- your drivers license (or ID)
- and if you want to apply for a passport the same day you will need your large gray envelope with your completed passport
application, the money, and two passport photos (all that in your gray envelope) I can help you with the passport application.

If this is too confusing for you, come and see me,
e-mail me, or call me.
To find out what you can take on a commercial airliner, click here.
To download the 100 study questions(pdf format) click here.
*** If you are 50 and have had a green
card for
20 years of more then your
interview can be in a language of your
choice.  Your interview will not include the
writing and reading sections.
You will need to study the 100
questions. You are exempt from the
reading and writing part of the test.
*** If you are 55 and have had a green
card for
15 years or more then your
interview can be in a language of your
choice.  Your interview will not include the
writing and reading sections. You will
need to study the 100 questions. You are
exempt from the reading and writing part of
the test.
*** If you are 65 and have had a green
card for
20 years or more then your
interview can be in a language of your
choice.  Your interview will not include
the writing and reading sections. You will
need to study the
20 questions marked
with a star.
You are exempt from the
reading and writing part of the test.
***  I have my receipt but I have not received anything else, I'm worried!  What can I do?  Call me, email me, or visit the
CIS website and click on "Check My Case Status".  Then you will need to use your case number (i.e.: IOE*12345678). This
number is on your receipt.  Then the computer will give you an answer.  Usually the answer is, "Your case is pending...."  If that
situation lasts for a long time (over six months), you need to contact me.
*** I received my biometrics (fingerprints) notice and I missed the appointment, what should I do?
You need to either, check off a little box on your fingerprint notice and return by mail  the whole notice to the address found near that
little box, or meet with me so I can help you.  
No matter what do not rush to Santa Rosa's Application Service Center (ASC) to get your
fingerprints taken if you don't have an actual appointment there.
Call: 1-800-375-5283 to re-schedule your appointment.
*** I went to my interview and the officer said that I passed pending a supervisor's decision, what does that mean?
Patience is key.  USCIS has up to 90 days (3 months) to make a decision starting from the date of your interview. So, if you have no
news after 3 months of waiting, call me or e-mail me  to set up an appointment.  USCIS may take up to 120 days to make a
decision.  Be patient.
*** I went to my interview and I didn't pass, what should I do? You should call me or e-mail me and then we can meet and
see what happened.  Remember, that you have two chances to pass the interview, so make the first chance count.  Do not wait to
contact me because sometimes there is a time line that you have to meet in order to appeal the decision taken during your
interview. Remember to keep all USCIS documents/paperwork. Now, I' m not a magician and I can't solve every situation but, if you
wait too long then things get worse.
*** CITIZENS (only)! To register to vote online, click here.
- HEADS UP! This came USCIS San Francisco. "The San Francisco Field Office has cancelled interviews until further
for applicants residing outside the 10-county Bay Area region.  This measure was taken to remain in compliance
with the SF Health Travel Order issued December 17, 2020, instituting a mandatory quarantine of 10 days for anyone
travelling to San Francisco from anywhere outside the Bay Area."   
Mendocino County and Lake County are not part of the 10-county Bay Area Region.
To read the SF Health Travel Order (pdf format),
click here.
-To read President Biden's immigration and citizenship bill proposal. Congress has to approve it and make it into law.
from the National Law Review(pdf format)).
click here.