What will I learn in class?
The Class takes place over 5 Monday evenings, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.  Each Monday is different and the pattern
of the class repeats itself.

Monday #1. You need to bring your Legal Permanent Resident Card to class, so I can see if you meet the
basic qualifications.  I'll give you a brief orientation and then I'll give you a quiz to find out what you know about US
history and the US government. I'll show you how to correctly complete your N-400 (application for citizenship). You
will start to complete a rough draft copy of your application. I'll give you a copy of the 100 questions to study for your

                              **** Current and former students in the process of becoming citizens ****
Please, up-date your study questions by changing to answers to questions 43 and 47.
Question 43:
The Governor of California is, since January 7, 2019, Gavin Newsom.
Question 47: The Speaker of the House of Representatives is, since January 3, 2019, Nancy Pelosi.

Monday #2.  You will, hopefully have finished filling out your N-400 and I will proof-read it to make sure that you
didn't make too many errors.  If your N-400 is complete and ready to be typed in the computer, then you'll be able to
do so at that time. We'll practice the 100 questions

Monday #3. I'll teach US History.  We'll practice the 100 questions.  

Monday #4. I'll teach US government.  We'll practice the 100 questions.

Monday #5. This is the last Monday of a session. I'll give you an exit quiz and you'll go through a practice interview.
We want you to be nervous here, in class, not in San Francisco.   You will need to bring your Legal Permanent
Resident Card, your money order or c
ashier's check for $725 (make your money order or cashier's check out
to the "US Department of Homeland Security")
and your N-400. If you have not had time to type it into the
computer yet, you have time to do it at this that time.
Photos will be taken by USCIS during your biometrics
appointment in Santa Rosa.

I send N-400 applications to USCIS on Fridays, normally.  That's the pattern that I use.  
If you miss a Monday, then try to figure out which subject/Monday you've missed and come on that Monday.

Soon, N-400 applications (as well as other forms) will be submitted via internet and applicants will be able to set up a
special USCIS account online to pay for the application. As of now, N-400 are not at that stage yet.

The first class session for Spring 2019, started January 7, 2019, 6:30 to 9:30pm, Room 8 at Ukiah Adult
School, 1056 N. Bush St., Ukiah
.  We still have room.  Interested? Come to class January 14, 2019.

To see the Spring 2019 class session schedule, click here.
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