No School Monday 18, 2021, it's Martin Luther King's Day

Starting Friday, May 1, 2020, the Mendocino County Health and Human Service Agency requires the wearing of a
facial covering To read the 04/24/2020 MCHHSA announcement (pdf format),
click here.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I understand that some of you, my students, are afraid of coming to school.
So, if you want to work from home, that's OK.

- Option #1: STARTING AUGUST 17, 2020: Wear your facial covering, come and see me during regular class time
/ office hours (M,T,W,Th,F: 8:30am to 11:30 am and 1pm to 3:30pm and pick up a couple of packets. Then return
them completed during those same hours.  DO NOT COME in without your previous completed packet if you want
the next ones.
 I will NOT give you the next packets unless you turn in the previous packets.

- Option #2:  Read a book or two and complete the book report form (pdf format),  Click here.
Then print and turn said completed book report form to me during regular class time.
Book reports can be used to receive credits for English, Electives, and Social Studies,depending on the topic of
the book in question.

- Option #3: You may, also, use the book report form as a film report/review form.  If you watch a movie and decide
to write a film report, that's fine. However, by watching a movie you will only earn half a credit for that movie's
report. Such reports can be for Social Studies (History, Government), Science, English and  Electives depending
on the subject of the movie in question.

- Option #4: Write about the current COVID-19's (Coronavirus) impact on your daily life. Here are some possible
prompts for this writing exercise.  
1. What do you do now that you didn't do before?
2. How has the current pandemic affect you, personally?
3. If you have children, what are you doing to keep them busy while there is no school?
4. Do you think that your government is doing enough to protect your community?
5. If you are working, what has changed in your work environment?
6. Do you have a theory related to the origins of this virus?
7. Imagine that you were a conspiracy theorist. Who, why, what, when, how are all questions that could come to
mind....Be creative!

- Option #5: If you need US Government credit.  You can write about the election process.  You can write an
opinion essay about your favorite presidential candidate or your most hated presidential candidate. You can write
about a law that you like or dislike.  You can write about the US Constitution or the 27 amendments or the Bill of

- Option #6: Do PE! Remember to log it and remember that PE can count towards electives.  
12 hours of PE equals one credit!
To download the first page of the Ukiah Adult School PE log (pdf format,
click here,
To download the second page of the Ukiah Adult School PE log (pdf format), click here.

- Option #7: Do you need elective credits? Learn a new skills!  Cooking, sewing, knitting, drawing,playing an
instrument, gardening,etc... YouTube is full of such videos! Pick a few and see if you can follow the instructions
given on the video in question.  Write about your experience.  Was it a positive and up-lifting experience? Why did
you pick that video? What did you learn? Were you able to follow the video's instructions and complete the project
at hand? What did you like about that video's topic?

- Option #8: Do you have a cellphone with a camera in it? Take photos of the impact of the Coronavirus in your
community.  Notice the changes in traffic, people shopping or not.... Imagine that a hundred years from now,
someone asks to see images of the virus' impact on your community.  What would they see on your images? Make
a virtual album of your photos.

- Option #9: Do you know how many epidemics this country has had to deal with? Find out! What were the causes
of each epidemic? How ere they handled by the Government and the people at large? How many people were
impacted by the various epidemics? How many people died during the epidemics? Write your findings in an essay
format. What were the factors that made each epidemic different?

- Option #10: With Spring coming,  birds are out. To go to a website full of bird oriented information for the whole
click here.  Write about your experience with the various websites mentioned in the above website.

- Option #11: By now you should have received a 2020 Census letter or two.  For a credit in Electives, complete
2020 Census questionnaire online and print the "Thank you for completing the 2020 Census questionnaire"
which will have your confirmation number on it.  I'll give you a credit in Electives for answering the
2020 Census
online.  If you need help, come and see me (Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, 8:30am to 11:30am and
1pm to 3:30pm.  Bring your
2020 Census letter (It has your census ID code on it and it's blue).  You can't answer
2020 Census questions if you don't have the Census ID code.  One code works for all the people who live at
that address.

- Option #12: Travel the world without having to deal with jet-lag, Montezuma's revenge or the TSA security
click here.Then write about your experience.  Where did you go? What did you see?  What was your
favorite place? Where would you like to go?

To see the view from the second and third floor of the Eiffel Tower,
click here.

- Option #13: Here is a link to many museums around the world.  Check them out and the ndecide on one or two
that you would like to visit in person.  Write why you picked those museums and why you'd want to see them in real
click here.

- Option #14: November 3, 2020 is Election Day! Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates are coming! They are
scheduled for September 29, October 7 (Vice Presidential debate) October 15, and October 22, from 6:00pm to
7:30pm on all major news networks. To complete your US government credit requirements you may need to write
an essay or two.  To do that watch a debate and write an opinion essay about what you saw.  Who won the
debate?  Who lost the debate? Explain why you think one did better than the other.
--- To watch the September 29, 2020 presidential debate,
click here.

--- To watch the October 7, 2020 vice-presidential debate (C-SPAN), click here.

--- To watch the October 15, 2020 Presidential Town Hall meetings go to YouTube.

-- Option #15: Local elections will also impact everyone locally.  So if you want to earn a credit in US Government
you can write an opinion essay on one of the following local debates.
:Monday, October 5, 2020: Mendocino Voice hosted the first  Mendocino County Supervisorial Candidates' Forum:
--- To watch this forum on Facebook,
click here.

Thursday, October 8, 2020, Mendocino Voice hosted a Ukiah City Council Candidates' Forum.
--- To watch this forum on Facebook,
click here.

-- Option # 16: November 11 is Veterans' Day.  What does that mean to you? Write an essay about the meaning
of Veteran's Day for you.

-- Option #17: Do you know a veteran? If so what branch of the service did he or she belong to?  What did he or
she do while in the service? Did he or she see combat?  If so where? Did he or she participate in a war? If so which
one? Write about him or her?

-- Option #18: The November 3, 2020 election is over.  How has the election impacted your life?  Are you looking
into the future with hope and joy or are you upset with the results?  Write about your feelings about the outcome of
this election.

-- Option #19: What do, Freedom, America and Democracy mean to you?  Write about these words.  To you, what
makes you an American? What values do you strive for as an American? Are you proud to be an American?

-- Option #20: With Winter Break gone, write about three things that you would have liked to do during the break.

-- Option #21: January 6, 2021, was a historical day, the Capitol Building in Washington DC was invaded by a mob
of people and five people were killed.  For a credit in US Governenment, Write an opinion essay on that event.
Was it  right to invade Congress? Did our President foment this event and whip up those people to act in such a
violent way?  Was the Capitol Police ready for such an act? What are your thoughts about that day?

-- Option #22: January 7, 2021, at 4 o'clock in the morning, after the official county of the 50 States' Electoral
College votes, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were declared official winners of the November 3, 2020 Presidential
Election.  Do you think that President Trump was robbed of his next term of office? Was the November 3, 2020 a
fair and square election? For a credit going to US Government, Write an opinion essay about that subject.

-- Option #23: January 20, 2021, the day when President Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of our great
nation. For a credit in Government, write an opinion essay about that historical event.

By the way are you registered to vote? It's easy to do so, to register to vote,
click here.

Remember that an essay needs to have:
A. An introduction includes:
1. a topic sentence (For example: I'm writing about the price of gasoline in Ukiah.)
2. a preview statement (The price of gas includes, the price of gasoline at the refinery,
the delivery costs from the refinery to Ukiah, gas related taxes)  

B. Two or three paragraphs.  In this essay there will be three paragraphs.
A paragraph usually has three to five sentences
.Each paragraph addresses only one thing which supports the whole essay
Paragraph #1: The price of gasoline at the refinery  
Paragraph #2: Delivery costs from the refinery to Ukiah
Paragraph #3: Gasoline related taxes

C. A conclusion (I wrote about the price of gasoline in Ukiah...)