The House of Representatives has a total
of 435 voting members.  
The representative for California's 2nd
District (our Congressional District)  is
Jared Huffman. He is our Congressman.
have to run for
election every two
years.  They can be
re-elected as many
times as they wish.  
There are no term
The Senate has 100 voting members.  
Two Senators per State. Senators have
to run for election every 6 years.  They
have no term limits.  The Senators
representing California are
Alex Padilla   and   Dianne Feinstein.
The Legislative Branch
The United States Congress
The Speaker of the House
of Representatives is

Nancy Pelosi.
He is the leader of the
House of Representatives.
The Senate Majority leader
is Democrat
 Chuck Schumer

The Vice-President is the tie
breaker of the Senate.  
Her name is
Kamala Harris.
One of her many roles is to
break a tie if the Senate has
a 50/50 vote on something.