The United States Supreme Court

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When a Supreme Court Justice dies or retires, the President of the United States has to
nominate a new person to the Supreme Court.
The nominee has to appear in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in order to be approved
by an up or down vote (yes or no vote).
The nominee, once approved, becomes a Supreme Court Justice for life.
The Supreme Court's Duties are to interpret and explains laws.  It has to make sure that the
Supreme Law of the Land (
The US Constitution) is not changed by the Legislative Branch or the
Executive Branch without properly following the Constitutional process of creating Constitutional

The picture above is the "Class photo" of all of our Supreme Court Justices.
Here are the names, birth dates, and home states of each Justice.
1. Supreme Court Chief Justice:
John G. Roberts, Jr., 01/27/1955, New York
(Nominated by: George W. Bush; sworn in 09/29/2005)
2. Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, 06/28/1948, Georgia
(Nominated by: George H. W. Bush; sworn in 10/23/1991)
3. Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, 08/15/1938, California
(Nominated by: Bill Clinton; sworn in 08/03/1994)
4. Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, 08/29/1967, Colorado
(Nominated by: Donald Trump; sworn in 04/10/2017)
5. Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, 06/25/1954, New York
(Nominated by: Barack Obmama; sworn in 08/08/2009)
6. Associate Justice Elena Kagan, 04/28/1960, New York
(Nominated by: Barack Obama; sworn in 08/07/2010)
Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, 02/12/1965, Washington D.C.
(Nominated by: Donald Trump; Sworn in 10/06/2018)
8. Associate Justice Samuel Alito, Jr., 04/01/1950, New Jersey
(Nominated by George W. Bush; sworn in 01/31/2006)
9. Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 03/25/1933 - 09/18/2020, New York
(Nominated by: Bil Clinton; sworn in 08/10/1993) (Replaced by: Amy Coney Barrett on 10/27/2020)
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