This page was up-dated on 11/21/2019.  Many links were no longer viable.

- 11/21/2019: Free Firescaping presentation By Author, Douglas Kent, at Mendocino College's Little Theater, 6:30 to

- 06/08/2018: CalFire released the report on the causes of October fires.  
To read the Mendocino Voice's article,
click here.
To read the complete CalFire report (pdf format) on the causes of the October fires, from CalFire itself, click here.

-  Fire Recovery Community Meetings were held on Wednesday evenings, 6:30pm, once a month at  the Eagle Peak
Cafeteria (8601 West Road, Redwood Valley).  Here were the dates,
April 18 and May 16 (from North Coast
To see the complete video of the February 22 meeting (from Mendocino Voice),
click here.
To see the complete video of the March 21 meeting (from Mendocino County),
click here.
To see the videos of the other Community meetings (from Mendocino County's website), click here.

- Here is the all encompassing informational web page, regarding fire recovery, from Mendocino County: Click here.

- On November 8, 2017, Redwood Valley Community held a meeting regarding insurance questions related to the
fire on YouTube,
click here.

- The Mendocino County California Fire Safe Council has several useful links for land owners trying to recover their
land resources after the fire and more.
Click here.

- The North Coast Opportunity (NCO) provides financial assistance to those affected by the fires through their Fire
Relief Fund. To visit their website,
click here.

- To see the whole Redwood Valley Community meeting held on October 24 at the Redwood Valley Grange and to
learn about the Disaster Assistance Center (DAC),
click here.

- Lost birth certificates, marriage certificates and other certificates issued by the county visit the Mendocino
County Recorder's Office's web page,
click here.

- Lost your US Passport, complete Form DS-82, to get the form in question (pdf format), click here.

- Lost your driver's license and other vehicle related documents go to the DMV or click here.

- Lost your Green Card? Use USCIS form I-90, Click here.

- Lost your certificate of citizenship? Use USCIS form N-565, Click here.

- USCIS has set up a web page for those of you who lost immigration related documents in the fires, Click here.

- Lost your house or vehicle or other things, visit the FEMA website, Click here.

- Need information about other things (water safety, clean up safety etc...), Click here.

- To read District 2's Congressman Jared Huffman's Office's very comprehensive "Resource Guide: 2017 Wildfires,
(pdf format),
click here.

- To read California's District 2 Assembly Member Jim Wood' s very comprehensive "Resource for Victims of
Northern California Fires",
click here.

- To read District 5's Congressman Mike Thonpson's Office's very comprehensive "Fire Recovery Guide", click here.
Important information for those impacted by the fires
(This page up-dated 11/21/2019)
WARNING: Never give private information over the internet or the phone unless you initiated the conversation and
checked the validity of the internet site in question first.
None of these organizations are going to call you unless you called them first.
If someone calls from the IRS or other governmental agencies and asks for money, that is a scam!  
Do not give your banking details, social security number etc... to a total stranger who called you out of the blue.

- To visit Congressman Jared Huffman's official website, Click here.

- To contact State Assembly Member Jim Wood's office, Click here.